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The Enneagram for Personal Growth

enneagram series Dec 20, 2021

I’m so excited to start our blog series on the Enneagram (I’m literally jumping for joy!) 😍

Today, we are discussing the Enneagram & how this tool can be used to catapult your personal development. 

Coach Karen (my twin sister) knew she needed to do something different. 

She just felt like she was always getting “stuck” in the same spot over & over again

After discovering the Enneagram, it was the 1st time she was able to understand why she was getting stuck & what she needed to do to break through her self-sabotaging behaviors. 🤯

For instance, she was so afraid to quit her job, but she knew it was EXACTLY what she wanted to do. 

Where was that fear coming from? 

And how could she work through it? 

Cue the Enneagram. 

When Karen learned about her Enneagram Type, it was like someone had written a book on her life story... 

Prior to gaining this awareness, Karen had this internal belief of an unsafe world. 

She would constantly imagine the worst case scenario & see potential problems when they didn’t exist.

But, my friend, awareness is key. 🔑

Once she became more aware of this, she now knows that she doesn’t have to have every answer to every possible possibility. 

She isn’t wondering “what if…” anymore and taking action!

We have been working with the Enneagram for quite some time & every time someone starts to understand what their Enneagram type is, you can see that light bulb going off. 💡

The self-awareness &  new understanding of yourself is so profound!

Strengths-Finder, the Myers-Briggs, or any of those other systems will tell you a lot of what you’re good at doing, but not the “why” behind the things you are already doing.  

Honestly, once you understand your Enneagram type, you understand the “why” behind what you do - your deepest motivation & why you face consistent challenges. 

It will give you complete clarity & understanding! 

When I started to read about my personality type, I was like “oh my gosh this is why I keep getting stuck on the same thing - why I have a hyperdrive for achievement, recognition, & success.”

I was always over working, stressed-out, putting work above everything else…

then burning out.

And here my underline fear was that if I wasn't a success, then I was a failure, & I did not want people to see me as a failure.

(I’m a Type 3 by the way, if you can relate)

At the time, I didn’t know or understand that.

My greatest strength of high achievement was also my Achilles Heel. 

Like a path to destruction.

I would literally work until I made myself sick - my body was trying to get me to loosen the reins. 

But, I would keep pushing.  

I would over work until I was sick & I didn't know what the solution was because in my way of thinking my solution to every problem 

My “old” solution to every problem was to just to do more, to want it more, to push more. 

Once I learned what the motivation was - the reason I wanted success, achievement, & recognition was because I really wanted love & acceptance.

At some point along the line when I was a kid, I figured out that when I did something well, I received love & affection.

So in my kid brain, I was like that's the ticket. 🤩

As I grew into my adulthood that underlying motivation was what really shaped my personality, the way that I perceive the world & the way that I perceived myself. 

Once I understood that, what all of that “doing” was aimed at…

I was just creating what I really wanted. 

Love & acceptance. 

I discovered over the years that it wasn't the love & acceptance I deeply desired from other people, it was actually loving & accepting myself for the way I am. 

That's been my beautiful growth journey through the Enneagram. 💛

Coach Karen and I did an awesome, more in-depth training on the Enneagram that you can watch here. 

Also, you can learn more about the Enneagram at our website! 

A Typing Session from Karen, might be exactly what you need to gain deep clarity & insight to your personality type and why you do the things you do (maybe over and over again;)


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