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Fix Your Focus

Today, we are going to work on fixing your focus! 

This is a part of the Path to a Powerful Creator Series. Specifically, related to the aligning your focus section. 

We often feel like we are focused - even obsessed about what we want.

We think about our goals all the time. ⏰

From the time we wake up, until our heads hit the pillow again. 

We are “goal oriented” & driven for success!

But 9 times out of 10, what’s really happening is that we’re thinking about what we don’t want.

We are thinking about what ifs.  

Like, what if I don’t hit that goal or what could go wrong if…

What if it’s like that time in the past, could it be that way again in the future? 

Most of us tend to not focus on what we actually desire. 

We actually end up splitting our energy, attention, and actions away from what we desire most. 

Believe me, it’s unintentional!

But, it keeps you stuck. 

It’s like taking 1 step forward & 2 steps back.

So, we are going to pull out the Path to a Powerful Creator framework again & your colored pencils;)

Color the area green if you’re future focused and consistently focus on what you want to create - not the lack of.

Color the space yellow if you know what you want to create in the future, but you keep getting stuck thinking about what you don’t want or what’s gone wrong in the past.

Finally, color the area red if you’re mainly focused on what you don’t want your future to look like and you think about past mistakes and failures.

Red, is honestly usually where most women we work with are at. 

Click here to watch the entire Path to a Powerful Creator training that incorporates our unique framework of aligning your mind, aligning your focus, and aligning your energy. 

Now, let’s look at a real-world example you can relate to. 

I always wanted a white Mercedes. 

It was a reward for reaching a specific revenue goal in my Arbonne business. 

All I thought about was that white Mercedes. 🚗

Then, like magic, I started seeing white Mercedes-Benz cars EVERYWHERE. 

I’m sure you’ve had a similar situation after purchasing a vehicle. 

What we focus on we attract or start to notice. 

It’s always been right there in front of you....

What you focus on expands. 🤯

So, today I challenge you to start focusing on what you really want, not the lack of what you want. 

This will take consistency & dedication to make this the way you focus on default. 

If you’d like to watch an in-depth training on Fixing Your Focus, be sure to click here. 


Until next time, 



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