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Honor Your Energy

There are 3 aspects that come together and when they align, you become a powerful creator.
It’s about Aligning Your Mind, Aligning Your Focus, and Aligning Your Energy. 
This is a part of the Powerful Creator Series.
Today, we’re going to dive deeper into Align Your Energy and specifically into what it means to Honor Your Energy.
Traditional leadership and coaching is really missing the mark when it comes to helping women entrepreneurs and professionals...
Here’s why. 🤔
The coaching and leadership development industry are either: 
1.Hyper masculine- just wake up at 4am every day! Work harder! More hours! If you aren't succeeding, get up earlier, get a sitter, skip your kids soccer game, work till you're successful and you can sleep later!
 2. Hyper feminine- just lay back and receive. Meditate more. Allow. Pleasure. Bubble baths and champagne. If you're in alignment, it'll just manifest! No hustle, no hard work, it'll just appear in your life when you’re in your truth.
Whatever happened to balance?
We need BOTH. ☯
We need to be in alignment with the outcome AND take the aligned action to make it happen. 
We can both work and make things happen and take a step back and receive.
Humans are not all one or the other.
We're a balance of both and more. 
There are times when we work longer hours to get an important project done and there are times when we take a four day weekend to recharge and reconnect with our higher selves.
We should all be striving for a healthy balance that makes us feel good. Be productive and practice radical self care.
There's room for both. In fact, I believe there's a need for both. 
Balance in all things. ⚖
So it's time to get out those colored pencils again!
Color the "Honor Your Energy" section green if you know your natural energy cycles and plan your work and life around it. You plan time for rest and play and enjoy it.
Color the section yellow if you’ve heard about energy cycles but aren’t sure about your own or how to plan around it. 
Or color the section red if you know there are times when you want to rest or do less, but you keep pushing yourself to stay in high activity most of the time - burnout is close if not already here. 🔥
In the red is honestly where a majority of our clients are initially at. 
They feel like they have been doing all the "things," but, still aren't where they want to be. 
Truth is, they have been probably taking all the action - it just wasn't aligned with who they truly are. 
Click here is you are interested in watching the full Path to a Powerful Creator training!
I also did a training specifically on Honoring Your Energy, that can be accessed here.
Just incase you don't know who I am. 
I’m a Mindset Coach to women entrepreneurs & professionals who are aligning with their power and designing their work and life in a revolutionary way.
As the founder of Align + Design Your Life, I specialize in seeing what obstacles are standing in your way and how to overcome the limiting beliefs, stuck emotions, and old stories keep women from standing in their power and choosing what they want for their work and life.
Be on the look out for our next blog post!
To Your Success, 

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