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Mind Your Mind

There are 3 aspects that come together and when they align, you become a powerful creator.

It’s about Aligning Your Mind, Aligning Your Focus, and Aligning Your Energy. 

Today, we’re going to dive deeper into Align Your Mind and specifically into what it means to Mind Your Mind.

We experience life by taking in millions of bits of information, our mind filters through it, and creates tons of mental images. 

It stores all your memories, emotions, past decisions, beliefs and can bring them up for you to use at any time.

Your mind is a linking machine and will link past experiences and emotions - whether they are good or bad. 

When you can learn how to harness that and tap into it, you can be a really powerful creator of your mental images, beliefs, and emotions!

Did you know the world you experience is a reflection of your inner thoughts, feelings, values, beliefs, memories, and experiences?

In other words, the world as you experience it is merely a reflection of what’s going on inside you. 

When you change the internal representations and you change what you are perceiving - The Reticular Activating System (RAS) - the mind will delete what doesn’t fit your mental images and will keep what does. 

Let's look at an example:

If you have a money story that it’s hard to come by, it’s not for you, etc. then you will only see a lack of money in your life.

If you change your values, beliefs and identity to one that serves an abundant money mindset, then you will feel money is easy to attract, that opportunities are always coming to you, that you are safe and secure, etc. 

Another thing I'd like to touch on...

Your thoughts create your reality. 

Don't get me wrong, you definitely have to take aligned action to get there. But, your thoughts play a huge role in your overall success or lack there of. 

Get ready for it, I'm about to nerd out a little here haha! 🤓

When we think a thought, little signals called neurotransmitters (chemical messengers) in our brain connect the neurons and send a signal to the body to “do something”.

The body receives the message and hormones are switched on, chemicals are released, and muscles, cells, organs respond.

Here's a real world example - when you think about finding more clients and doing sales …you feel nervous and worried, nauseous, your stomach hurts, you get a headache, and you shut down.

When you are stuck in those negative thinking patterns and what it does to the body over time, the neurons wire together and the body gets used to receiving the same message, turning on the same response.

So now when you think about finding clients and doing sales, your body feels nervous and nauseous (every single time). 

But you REALLY want those new clients so you try to think positively.

New signals (neurotransmitters) are sent to the body, but the body doesn’t know what to do. These signals feel like foreign invaders!

They are unfamiliar and the body doesn’t like it. So the body actually sends signals back to the mind to go back to the old thoughts so it can feel the old feelings. 

Your body is running the show. 

You’re thinking, “I’m excited to find new clients and make more money” and your body is saying, “That feels weird. Can we just go back to being nervous and nauseous? That’s what I'm used to”. 

It's time to mind your mind and understand how you can take control of your thoughts, feelings, and emotions! 

Now, it's time to get those colored pencils back out. This is a part of the Path to a Powerful Creator Series. 

You will color the "Mind Your Mind" section green if you have some knowledge about how your mind works, where the blocks you have come from, and you use meditation or other techniques to keep your subconscious mind working for you.

Color the section yellow if you know you have blocks but haven’t figured out why they’re there and you meditate sometimes but you’re not consistent with it (this is where a majority of our clients are at). 

Or color the section red if you’re always moving and doing so you don’t take time to meditate or create awareness about your blocks - you just like to keep pushing through. 

You can watch the entire Path to a Powerful Creator training here or watch a special training I did on Minding Your Mind here!


Until Next Time, 



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