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Release Your Resistance

Make sure you have read the Path to a Powerful Creator Series before reading much further...

if not, this will be as clear as mud πŸ˜‚

Today, we’re going to dive deeper into Align Your Mind and specifically into what it means to Release Your Resistance.

Understand that societal conditioning, structures, and life experiences create deep- seated limiting beliefs. 

Just keep in mind - these limiting beliefs, doubts, and fears aren't personal. 

πŸ’› There is nothing wrong with you!

The first step to aligning your mind is creating awareness about the (systemic) beliefs, emotions, and stories that keep you stuck.

Then you need to utilize a process to release those limiting beliefs, emotions, and stories. 

We like to use our signature "Realign Process."

But, that will be for another day ;)

Remember when I said to get out your colored pencils a few days ago? πŸ“

Keep in mind. We are focusing on releasing your resistance. 

You would do a similar process for minding your mind and knowing your type. The full free video training can be accessed here. 

So, you are going to color the Release Your Resistance tab green if you know your limiting beliefs, emotions, and stories & actively choose - engaging in processes to work through them.

Color the tab yellow if you’re aware you have limiting beliefs, emotions, and stories, and you try to overcome them but haven’t figured out how. 

Finally, color the tab in red if you know you are not where you want to be and have no idea why or how to get there.

You will only get the most out of this exercise if you are 100% honest with yourself. 

Now, you will continue the process for Minding Your Mind and Knowing Your Type - as in your Enneagram Type. 

As you can probably see, we are going to work our way around the diagram. 

The more yellow and red you have in an area, that's where you need to start focusing to create a life & business that you love with complete clarity and confidence!

Let's look at a real-world example πŸ‘‡

When you’re in stress, one of these things happen - you are unable to let go of control, try to people please, overwork, overthink, isolate, etc. You are on an emotional roller coaster.

You then choose to dismiss it or justify by saying "that’s just way I am" or that’s just "my type."

Just realize you are falling back into old patterns and ways of thinking, being and feeling, especially in moments of stress.

Honest self awareness can be really hard work. πŸ™Œ

And it can be easier to dismiss your shortcomings by making an excuse for them. 

We teach you to recognize when you’re falling back into your stress response and then how to pause, acknowledge it, and get honest with yourself about it. So, if this response isn’t serving you, you can have the power to make a different choice instead. 

When you have greater awareness of how you fall back into your patterns and you let go making excuses, you can take the action you want to move your life forward in productive, helpful ways! 😍


Watch more on Releasing Your Resistance here! 

Be on the look out for my next blog post, fixing your focus. 


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