Leverage Your Strengths, Lessen Your Challenges

Are you ready to take your work and life to the next level? Our group coaching program will help you understand and leverage your strengths, uncover and lessen your challenges, and gain the self-awareness, resilience, and skills to confidently excel in every area of your life - personal, professional, and everything in between!

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Leverage Your Strengths, Lessen Your Challenges


Program Design

10 professional women coaching together for 7 weeks to accelerate their personal and professional growth through a deep understanding of themselves and others using the Enneagram.


6 Group Coaching Sessions

Know your strengths and challenges, learn and practice what to do to make the most of your strengths and reduce your challenges, and share insights and collaborate with a group of encouraging, professional women.


2 1:1 Private Coaching Sessions

Your opportunity to dive deeper, uncover your resilience, set goals, and get personalized Enneagram-based coaching.


1 Individual Enneagram Typing Session

Gain in-depth knowledge of your Enneagram type, how it impacts your life, and how to use it to your best advantages. 


Custom Workbook and Mindfulness Practice

Observe, reflect, and gain clarity through customized Enneagram-based questions and prompts and implement easy mindfulness practices.


I'm Karen Harmon


As a Certified Enneagram Teacher and Enneagram in Business Coach, I believe the Enneagram is the premier tool for anyone seeking personal or professional growth because it uncovers your hidden motivations, helping you understand not just what you do, but WHY you do it.

I am passionate about creating a warm, engaging, and challenging coaching experience so you can consciously choose your life, reach your goals, and create a world that's more compassionate, empathetic, and connected. 

"You're an incredible coach! I highly recommend learning more about yourself through Enneagram insight."

- Carla Rosser

"The enneagram typing and coaching really cleared up some things about myself and helped direct me to what I needed to concentrate on to grow. Incredible coaching, Karen!"

- Erin Chaves

"You are so good at what you do! I loved learning more about the Enneagram from you!"

- Tiffany Gingrich

Program Details


Starting with your Enneagram Typing Session, I'll guide you through our comprehensive coaching program so you can understand and leverage your strengths, uncover and lessen your challenges, and gain the self-awareness, resilience, and confidence in your leadership, communication, and relationship skills.

Cost for the full program is $650 and payment plans are available. Program begins Wednesday November 2, 2022. Enneagram typing sessions will be held the week of October 28th. Group coaching will be every Wednesday except November 23rd and one-to-one sessions can be scheduled at any time during the program. Workbooks will be emailed each week. All cohorts currently meet online. 



✔️  gain a deep understanding of your Enneagram type and what it means for you

✔️  know your innate strengths and how to leverage them

✔️  uncover your hidden challenges and know what to do about them

✔️  build reflection and resilience skills

✔️  connect and network with other professional women

✔️  gain confidence in your leadership and communication skills

✔️  receive and utilize a custom workbook just for your type

✔️  have actionable, clear steps on what to do to for your personal and professional growth

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