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If You’re Done with the Stress, Overwhelm and Fear That Keep You in the 24/7 Hustle of Your Work and Life…

Then it's Time for You to Become Aligned and Empowered!



your business feels like an endless series of tasks...

 you’re unable to stop thinking about work...

you're worried that if you don’t keep hustling it will all fall apart…

It’s not your fault.

The traditional hustle marketing culture keeps telling you the ONLY way to succeed is with constant hard work and hustle. 

Don't get me wrong. You need some of that hustle to get your business started...but working at a non-stop, high intensity pace forever is only going to lead to burnout and apathy, the sure-fire ways to tank your success.

What if I told you that IN LESS THAN ONE WEEK you could reignite your passion and be the visionary your business needs?



Hi, I'm Kristine,

I know you’re busy...

You don’t have time for another long, overwhelming course.

You need quick wins and results that really move the needle - for your mindset and your business

It’s time for you to…

⭐️  Do less and accomplish more

⭐️ Go on vacation without your laptop (does this idea terrify you? 😬)

⭐️ Enjoy time with family and friends without being preoccupied with work 

⭐️ Be the visionary your business needs

⭐️ Do only the work you love while your team does the rest

⭐️ Feel at ease and relaxed about work getting done

⭐️ Create a thriving business that runs without you doing everything

⭐️  Have confidence and trust in knowing exactly what to do with your business



  • Stressing about work all the time only leading to more stress about work
  • Sacrificing your health and relationships because your work is always the priority
  • Missing out on vacations because you either don’t take them or work through them
  • Staying stuck in the day to day doing without considering the bigger picture 
  • Repeating the old patterns even if you don’t want to be that way anymore
  • Living in fear that if you take your foot off the gas, everything will fall apart


πŸ”‘ #1 Align Your Mind

Going from determined and stressed to confident and joyful can happen very quickly when you know how your mind works.

Did you know that you only consciously use 1% of your mind? 

The remaining 99% of your mind, the subconscious, controls your way of living, thinking, feeling and your deep-set beliefs.

The subconscious mind is just running old patterns you established a long time ago - thoughts and feelings that used to work for you, but don’t anymore.

You'll learn how to access the most powerful part of your mind to create NEW thoughts that will eliminate the deep underlying beliefs keeping you working harder than you want to.


"All the experts kept telling me what to do - with my business and my mindset - but it wasn’t until I came (into Align + Design) that I was actually able to apply these practices to change my subconscious mind. And I’m forever grateful for the changes and results happening in my life!"

Tiffany Gingrich
Founder, Transformations with Tiffany

πŸ”‘ #2 Align Your Focus

Did you know that your mind processes about 60,000 thoughts per day? 

Most of us think we are focused, even obsessed about what we want. 

We think about our goals all the time!

But what’s really happening is that we’re thinking about what we don’t want (if the goals don’t happen) or what could go wrong, or what it was like in the past.

If you want to get out feeling overwhelmed, stressed, or burned out, then you’ve got to learn how to focus your attention and your thinking on what you actually want.

This allows you to cultivate peace of mind and emotional balance, while moving you faster towards your goals.

πŸ”‘ #3 Align Your Energy

Your long-term success and growth doesn't come from hustling and doing more.

It comes from being able to maximize your momentum and energy to accomplish more while doing less.

High performing athletes need time to repair, rebuild, and strengthen. Without planned recovery, they experience "overtraining syndrome" - anxiety, irritability, lack of energy, loss of passion, and trouble concentrating.

High performing entrepreneurs and execs are the same! 

When you know how to maximize your natural momentum and energy cycles, you can do less while your business grows.



I get it, I’ve been there. I have big ideas, goals, and dreams, too, and I thought that meant working all day and into the night, working on weekends, or thinking about work all the time.

Work was such a priority that I was missing out on important moments with those I love.

I was burned out, overwhelmed and I knew there had to be a better way.

So I created a better way!

After years of studying and learning how the mind works, I figured out how to get it to work for me so I could let go of the old emotions and thoughts that were pushing me to burn out.

Using the method I created, I built confidence and trust in myself to grow and scale my business without sacrificing my health, relationships, or my time.

I built a 6-figure business in one year and now I'm able to take time off, go on vacation (without my laptop), be present with my family, cultivate great relationships, have lots of energy, and live a life I love! 

And I'm ready to show you how!



Part One: Tapping Into the Power of Your Mind

πŸ’«  Discover how your mind works so you can easily create the health, wealth, business, and relationships you want.

In this module you’ll learn:

  • How to create true self empowerment

  • The power of your subconscious mind in reaching your goals

  • How to experience and perceive life the way you want

  • The right way to focus on your goals so you achieve them faster

  • The simple, yet profound mindset shifts for growth in all areas of life

Part Two: Choosing Your New Reality and Identity

πŸ’«  Confidently choose who you’re being and what you believe.

In this module, you’ll learn:

  • How to create new ways of thinking, feeling, and acting that move you towards your goals effortlessly
  • How to feel the way you want in every moment, in control of yourself and your emotions
  • The three aspects of consciousness - and how to use them to your advantage
  • The science of the mind and how to create new mind and body connections

Part Three: The Realign Process

πŸ’«  Step into your most powerful self and release the limitations that have held you back, creating true freedom.

In this module, you’ll learn:

  • How to choose the right goals for you
  • The true key to manifesting everything you want in life
  • How to recognize and release the limiting beliefs, emotions, and stories that are keeping you from going for what you want
  • The powerful, rapid transformation Realign Process

Part Four: Aligning Your Day and Your Life

πŸ’«  Begin your day in alignment with your best self so you can easily envision and create a life you love.

In this module, you’ll learn:

  • To wake up every day with intention and vision
  • How to set yourself up for success every day with a simple morning routine
  • How to use meditation to help you become the person you want to be
  • To establish habits that support your goals
  • Celebrate your progress!

Part Five: Accomplishing More While Doing Less

πŸ’«  Do less and accomplish more by understanding your natural energy cycles and focusing on what’s important 

In this module, you’ll learn:

  • How to set your one year vision and create actionable plans for your month, week, and day
  • How to create boundaries with your time so you can love your work and your non-work time
  • Feel in control of your time, moving big projects forward more easily
  • Your natural energy cycles - when to take more action and when to rest

Part Six: Manifesting the Life You Want

πŸ’«  Become the deliberate creator of your life and activate the law of attraction to work for you, so your success comes more easily.

 In this module, you’ll learn:

  • The law of attraction and how it actually works
  • The laws that support the law of attraction so you can get it work for you
  • How to be the deliberate creator of your life
  • The superchargers of manifestation
  • How to bring your desired outcomes into reality

"Thank youπŸ’• From the bottom of my heart! This program helped me overcome chronic fatigue and renew my passion about life! I was surprised and delighted when the Realigns worked in all areas of my life, not just business (my original reason for signing up!). The only word I have for my experience with Align and Design Your Life is MIRACULOUSπŸ’•πŸ₯°"

Erin Chaves


The 6 main modules of Align + Design Your Life will completely transform the way you approach your business and your life. But that’s only the beginning. When you join Align + Design Your Life, you also get 3 incredible bonuses to make your progress even faster and your success even easier!

Bonus #1: Mastering Your Money Mindset

πŸ’«  Choose your desired relationship with money, release any the limitations around it, so you enjoy it, feel good about it, and create more of it!

In this bonus training, you’ll learn:

  • How to create a great relationship with money, no matter how much you currently make
  • How to change your perceptions of and emotions about money
  • How to release old stories and limiting beliefs around money
  • How to create more wealth and abundance in your life

Bonus #2: Embracing Leadership

πŸ’«  Become a leader of influence who’s the visionary of her business or career, creating a great team, while working with your ideal clients.

In this special video, you’ll learn: 

  • How to become an attractive leader
  • To be the visionary your business and life need you to be
  • Where true leadership begins 
  • The best questions to ask your team so they’re growing with you

Bonus #3: The Enneagram

πŸ’«  A special course from Coach Karen, Enneagram 101 will help you get unstuck from old patterns and habits quickly.

In this special Enneagram overview, you'll learn:

  • How to tap into a deeper knowing of yourself, your motivations, emotions, and actions
  • How to begin to discover your Enneagram type
  • How to use your Enneagram to make massive transformation in your life, business, and relationships. 
  • Deeper insights into why you do what you do, so you can stop self sabotage


Like I said, I've been there and I created a better way. My mission and my passion is to help you create both a business and a life you love.

I've created a process that actually works and it's not something you'll find anywhere else. 

I’m the founder and CEO of Align + Design Your Life.

Host of The Align + Design Your Life Podcast
Certified Master Success Coach
Certified Master NLP Practitioner/Mindset Expert
Certified Master Hypnotherapist
Reiki Level One Practitioner
Superconscious Healer 
Certified Enneagram Teacher

I promise we will give you everything you need to create the balance and flow you've been looking for in your life and business. 

"I had ONE session with Kristine and I was literally BLOWN away. She does things in a VERY unique and QUICK way. I haven't had those mindset issues since I worked with her. She's amazing... RUN to go work with her!"

Bijal Patel
Founder and CEO LAUNCH



Align + Design Your Life may not be cheap, but we’ll show you how to get the results you desire. 

It’s not some DIY program or a $99-a-year newsletter subscription.

It's an investment that will pay you back for the rest of your life. 

It’s a transformation that frees you from the hustle and grind mindset that keeps you working more than you want or need to. And lets you be more balanced and present in your life.

And when you weigh all the stress you’ve been under against the investment and what it will do for you and your future, then it's an easy choice.

And because I'm committed to making Align + Design Your Life as accessible as possible to everyone who wants to be more joyful and confident...

Align + Design Your Life is valued at over $8,500.

However, I've decided to take over $4,000 OFF, for a new member investment of just four payments of $975!

That's right! you can join us inside Align + Design for just $975 today!



You continue...

🚫  Thinking about work when you're not working

🚫  Snapping at your family when they get in the way of getting things done

🚫  Losing passion for what you do because it just feels like an endless series of tasks

🚫  Feeling fear and anxiety about not doing enough

🚫  Getting harder to keep up the pace

🚫  Feeling behind all the time, always playing catch up with where you think you're supposed to be

🚫  Feeling afraid that you have to keep working at a high pace because it’s what you've always done

If you're finally willing to make that commitment to yourself and your dreams, I promise you Align + Design will be your most certain path to success!


30 day 100% money back guarantee.

If you can show you did the work, participated, watched the trainings, attended the Realign sessions, and worked with us and you still don’t feel like you have the tools to release your limiting beliefs and start taking aligned action on your goals, then I’ll give you your money back.


Align + Design Your Life



SAVE $400 when you pay in full

6 Part Transformational Mindset Course

Weekly Live Collaborative Coaching

Weekly Live Realign Process Sessions

Weekly Live Goal Setting Coaching

Supportive Community (priceless)

3 Private Calls with our Head Coach 

Lifetime Access to Ever Expanding Meditation Library

Lifetime Access to Course

Lifetime Access to Realign Sessions


Easy Installment Plan



6 Part Transformational Mindset Course

Weekly Live Collaborative Coaching

Weekly Live Realign Process Sessions

Weekly Live Goal Setting Coaching

Supportive Community (priceless)

3 Private Calls with our Head Coach 

Lifetime Access to Ever Expanding Meditation Library

Lifetime Access to Course

Lifetime Access to Realign Sessions


Align + Design PLUS



Everything in Align + Design Your Life

Pay in full discount (saving $400)


4 1 to 1 Coaching Sessions with Kristine

Breakthrough Session with Keeley

Enneagram Typing Session with Karen



Supercharge your results with private sessions with our team of coaches...

Breakthrough with Keeley

Deep dive and remove all the BS and baggage in one area of life, creating transformation and change in all areas of your life. It's like 6 weeks of one to one coaching in one session. 

Private Sessions with Kristine

4 private sessions to use anytime during your time in Align + Design to gain clarity, let go of limitations, create a personalized action plan to reach your outcomes and goals quickly and easily.

Enneagram Typing with Karen

Knowing your Enneagram type will give you deeper insight into why you do what you do and give you the tools to make your transformation even faster and greater. 



You choose how you feel, what you think and actions you take. In short, you choose the life you live. Not choosing to live the life you desire is also a choice. You’re always choosing. The question is, WHAT are you choosing?

You can choose do nothing and…

πŸ›‘  have  a business that feels hard and stressful

πŸ›‘  stay stressed about your business and money all the time

πŸ›‘  sacrifice your health and relationships because your business is always the priority

πŸ›‘  not grow your team, staying stuck in all the tasks instead of being the visionary

πŸ›‘  miss out on vacations because you either don’t take them or work through them

πŸ›‘  live in fear that if you take your foot off the gas, everything will fall apart

OR you can choose to invest in yourself and learn a better way

βœ…  have a business that feels fun and joyful

βœ…  feel good about your business and money all the time, leading to more abundance

βœ…  create good health and great relationships because you know how to prioritize

βœ…  grow your team and become the visionary they need

βœ…  enjoy your vacations and leave the laptop at home 

βœ…  live in trust and faith that if you have more balance, everything will grow




You have to ask yourself this one vital question that will determine whether you get to have both a business and a life you love. This one question is this,

“Am I going to be 100% responsible for my life and business, or am I not?”

According to Merriam Webster, the definition of responsibility is: causing something to happen.

So, what that means to you is that whatever happens in your business and life you have caused and what does not happen in your business you have also caused.

We know that you’re not where you want to be today, and you now recognize that you’ve unintentionally caused that. And, if you really want to be a joyful and confident CEO, you now know that it’s going to be you who intentionally causes it.


If you’re going to truly be 100% responsible for your business and your life, the question is no longer “can I afford it”, it’s “HOW can I be 100% responsible and MAKE this happen?”

If you’re going to stop here and do nothing differently, do you know what that means? It means you won’t stretch yourself out of your familiar zone, it means you’re driven by fear, it means you’re going to keep getting what you have - repeating the past and getting the same results in the future. And it means you’re going to stay stressed and unbalanced, struggling in all areas of your life.

So, let’s go back to what I said was the most important question you could ask yourself.

Are you going to be 100% responsible for become the joyful and confident leader of your life and business?

If you are, then get enrolled in Align + Design Your Life and start experiencing your transformation now!


The FAQs

Align + Design Your Life is a fully supported 4 month program. You'll see and feel MASSIVE shifts in your mindset IMMEDIATELY as you realign your beliefs and start taking action. 

You also receive 4 months of ongoing support through weekly live Collaborative Coaching sessions, weekly live The Realign Process sessions, and weekly Outcome Setting calls.

The real question is how fast do you want results? The more you engage, the faster your transformations happen...

The six part course materials will take about 1 to 2 hours per module.

The weekly Collaborative Coaching calls, the weekly Outcome Setting calls, and the powerful Realign Process sessions are each one hour.

Collaborative Coaching calls start at 12:00 pm eastern every Tuesday, the Realign Sessions start at 12:00 pm eastern every Wednesday, and the Outcome Setting calls start at 12:00 pm every Friday. 

All calls are streamed live into the collaborative group and available to watch or rewatch at any time. 

You can attend collaborative coaching and Realign sessions live or watch the replays.

You will have 4 months of live Collaborative Coaching calls, Outcome Setting calls, and The Realign Process sessions and the private Facebook community.

You also have lifetime access to the course training videos, worksheets, meditations, additional uploads, and replays of The Realign Process sessions.

Collaborative Coaching calls start at 12:00 pm eastern every Tuesday, the Realign Sessions start at 12:00 pm eastern every Wednesday, and the Outcome Setting calls start at 12:00 pm eastern every Friday. 

Additional evening Collaborative Coaching calls are held monthly as well.

All calls are streamed live into the collaborative group and available to watch or rewatch at any time. 

Yes! You get three private sessions with our head coach at the beginning, mid-way through and at the four month mark of your program. 

You'll also get an additional private session with Kristine.

You can choose to add additional private coaching sessions at any time and with any one of our amazing coaches! 

"I'm blown away. I'm so excited about my life going forward. It was incredibly helpful for me." - Tiffany

"Kristine made sure I was able to break through my limiting beliefs and she gave me the competence I need to conquer the things I have to conquer in life." - Erica

"This is already profoundly beautiful and this is just the beginning!" - Linda


Hear how Lisa stopped stressing and hustling and started creating a life she loves.



Erin's creating a fulfilling and passionate life while choosing the health and energy she always wanted!


So, you've made it to the bottom of the page...

which tells me one thing - you're interested. It's time to choose to live a life you love. If you're ready for different results in your life, then you're ready for Align + Design!


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