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Get your Enneagram aligned strategy to gain confidence in yourself, clarity about who you help, and control over your time so you can turn your overwhelming business into something you love.

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Get tangible processes for overcoming any mindset obstacle.


Balance work and family time. Be more productive while working less.



Align your business with your personality so you enjoy your work!


You’re just a few steps away from a happier and more fulfilled life and business. Join today and cancel any time. No questions asked.

From Kristine and Karen:

To us, your success and happiness are personal. You’re not in this alone.


From our community:


There was a lot of letting go of fear. I'm showing up more confident. I'm putting positive vibes ahead of old resistance.

- Daina Gardiner, CEO Mind, Body, Healthy Holistic Nutrition


Being a part of such incredible and supportive coaching has changed my life. I am more productive, more focused, and aligned with my work.

- Jasmin Blackwood, Blackwood Nutrition


I backed away from hustle and doing all the time. Now I'm working smarter, not harder. I doubled sales from January to January!

- Lisa Garrett, CEO Eat 2 Succeed

What We Guarantee:

Take control of your life and business today.


 Through an Enneagram-based approach, we give women entrepreneurs clarity about who they help & what they offer, confidence in themselves & what they do, and control over their time, their work, and their life so they can enjoy growing their business.



What You Get:


Weekly live mindset and productivity coaching calls with our team of experts.


Tap into the collective wisdom of women entrepreneurs who are aligning with their purpose.


Understand your unique personality through the Enneagram. Develop your strengths, overcome your obstacles.


How We Help You:

Align Your Mind

Consciously choose your thoughts. Overcome fear, self-doubt, and lack of confidence. Identify your Enneagram type and your unique strengths. Understand how your mind is working when you’re stuck and overcome obstacles easily.

Align Your Focus

Consciously choose your reality. Focus on the future you want to “see” and connect to the power you have in the present moment to make that happen. Create the version of you who can make your goals happen.

Align Your Energy

Consciously choose your actions. Decide the “just because” outcomes you want to experience “just because”. Constantly narrow down to the most important actions to take each day so projects move forward and you work less.

Design Your Business

Consciously choose your impact. Create clarity about your offer and your ideal clients. Use your Enneagram Type to choose a marketing strategy that feels best for you. Bring on the best people to support your business.

Monthly Membership


cancel anytime...no questions asked!

  • The Path to Become a Powerful Creator Framework
  • Transformational Mindset Course
  • Weekly Collaborative Coaching with Success Coach and Enneagram Coach
  • Weekly Outcome (Goal) Setting Coaching with Guest Expert Productivity Coach
  • Access to our coaches via the private group
  • Meditation Library
  • Realign Session Replay Vault
  • Be a part of the group of women who are creating the future they want

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