For Individuals

The Enneagram is all about you. Individual coaching with the Enneagram will help you understand the motivations behind your actions, know your strengths, struggles, how you relate to others, what causes conflict, and more, with a clearly defined and personalized growth path just for you. 

One to One Coaching
For Business Teams

Our unique Enneagram based team coaching increases effective communication and feedback, conflict resolution, and individual awareness of each member's strengths, struggles, and growth to create aligned teams who are more cohesive, collaborative, efficient, and effective.

Corporate Enneagram Workshops
For Executives and Leaders

Today's employees expect more from their leaders - empathy, vision, support, and mentoring along with the business skills, productivity and profits you'd expect. Our Enneagram based leadership coaching will help you strengthen your skills, create better relationships, waste less time, and create better employee retentions and loyalty.

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What We Do

We help teams understand themselves and each other, develop stronger leadership, better communication, and create more cohesive team that's moving towards a unified goal through our Enneagram-based Leadership and Communication Workshops.

We help individuals, leaders, manageers, and executives uncover a deeper, richer understanding of themselves and others to create radical, positive growth in all areas of their lives with our one-to-one coaching.

Who We Are

Karen Aerts Harmon



As a Certified Enneagram Teacher and Enneagram in Business Coach, Karen believes the Enneagram is the premier tool for anyone seeking personal or professional growth because it uncovers your hidden motivations, helping you understand not just what you do, but WHY you do it. Unlike other personality typing systems, the Enneagram also offers a clearly defined path for each person’s growth, development, and self-awareness. 

Karen specializes in helping individuals, executives, entrepreneurs, and teams understand their natural strengths, hidden challenges, and motivations so they can consciously create a life with a deep understanding of themselves and others. Through coaching with the Enneagram, they develop deeper self-awareness, making our world and theirs more compassionate, empathetic, and connected. 

Certified through the International Enneagram Association, Karen has personally worked with the Enneagram for over a decade and coached 100s of clients over the past five years in mindset, habits, the Enneagram, and more. 

Karen does this work to give you the key to understanding yourself, leveraging your strengths, minimizing your challenges, and owning your growth so you can experience radical, positive transformations for yourself, your relationships, family, work, and life.

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Kristine Kolzing


Kristine is a transformational mindset expert, business coach, and Enneagram teacher who guides entrepreneurs, executives, and teams to align with their strengths and design their work and life in a revolutionary way. Her mission is to help you align your vision, strengths, and beliefs, and show you how to work smarter, not harder, let go of the mindset blocks that keep you stuck, create clarity about what you truly want, and plan your path to success while honoring your energy. 

Kristine specializes in working with entrepreneurs, executives and individuals to see what obstacles are standing in their way and how to overcome the limiting beliefs, stuck emotions, and old stories that keep them from standing in their power and creating their ideal work and life.

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