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Align with your most powerful self and create the life you desire! 

Welcome to Align + Design Your Life!  

Are you ready to go from the determined, but stressed, entrepreneur to the joyful and confident CEO you know you are? 

With our unique and transformational coaching, we can quickly show you how to grow the right mindset to completely change your life, your business, your relationships and more.

Our signature program, Align & Design Your Life, teaches you how your mind works, shows you how to make the right choices, maximize your momentum and energy so you can grow and scale your business AND enjoy your life! 


I've been where you are...

I get it. You're working hard, determined to make your business grow, but you're feeling stressed, overworked and searching for balance in your life. 

I know. I have big ideas, goals, and dreams, too, and I thought that meant working all day and into the night, working on weekends, or thinking about work which meant missing out on important moments with those I love. I was burned out, overwhelmed and I knew there had to be a better way.

So I created a better way

After years of studying and learning how the mind works, I figured out how to get it to work for me so I could let go of the old emotions and thoughts that were pushing me to burn out.

Using the method I created, I built confidence and trust in myself to grow and scale my business without sacrificing my health, my relationships, my joy, my time, or my life. I built a 6-figure business in one year and now I'm able to take time off, go on vacation, be present with my family, cultivate great relationships, have lots of energy, and live a life I love! 

And I'm ready to show you how!


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Apply now to our signature program, Align & Design Your Life and get world class coaching, support, and a community that's here to help you find the balance you've been looking for. 


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Need to know more? Set up a call with one of our coaches so you can ask all of your questions and see if Align & Design Your Life is right for you! 


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My name is Kristine Kolzing and I’m so excited you found our program!

This is not your typical coaching.

Whether you are well-versed in the world of personal growth or you’re just getting started, I promise your life will be forever changed for the better because you’re here.

I believe without a shadow of a doubt that you can be, do and have everything you want in life. You already have everything you need to create the life you want… you just need to shift your focus and learn how to create the life you want.

I know it’s possible for you because I’ve done it myself and I helped lots of other women do the same!



It's Time to Take Action

Because you’re reading this, I’m assuming you are READY to let go of beliefs, doubts, and experiences that are holding you back so you can take massive action towards the life you can’t stop thinking about living.

It’s time.

Stop wasting time and start taking action to gain the clarity and the confidence you need to charge through life.

You are here for a reason, you are on this planet to fulfill whatever desires are in your heart.

You are the one meant to manifest, or bring into reality, the dreams you can’t let go.

Your dreams won’t stop coming. They want to be fulfilled.

It’s up to you to take the next step and radically change the way you think and behave so that you can have a reality that matches your dreams.


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