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Enne-a-what? The Enneagram 🙌

enneagram series Jan 06, 2022


Do you keep getting stuck in self sabotaging patterns, overthinking, procrastination, or doing way too much and feeling overwhelmed?

You're coming up against the same issues over and over again because you haven’t figured out a way to get out of your old patterns.

Creating personal change isn’t a one size fits all, so what works for one person with mindset or therapy, might not work for you.

The Enneagram is both a spiritual and psychological tool that shows you your unique and personal path for ending self sabotage, overthinking , procrastination, overwhelm - whatever pattern you always find yourself stuck in.

This is the way out. It's an ancient spiritual tool combined with modern psychology that brings you back to your essence - who you are - and out of old patterned ways of thinking, behaving, and feeling that keep you stuck.

In Align + Design Your Life, we use a framework for becoming your most powerful self.

There are 3 aspects that come together and...

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The Enneagram for Personal Growth

enneagram series Dec 20, 2021

I’m so excited to start our blog series on the Enneagram (I’m literally jumping for joy!)

Today, we are discussing the Enneagram & how this tool can be used to catapult your personal development. 

Coach Karen (my twin sister) knew she needed to do something different. 

She just felt like she was always getting “stuck” in the same spot over & over again

After discovering the Enneagram, it was the 1st time she was able to understand why she was getting stuck & what she needed to do to break through her self-sabotaging behaviors.

For instance, she was so afraid to quit her job, but she knew it was EXACTLY what she wanted to do. 

Where was that fear coming from? 

And how could she work through it? 

Cue the Enneagram. 

When Karen learned about her Enneagram Type, it was like someone had written a book on her life story... 

Prior to gaining this awareness, Karen had this internal belief of an unsafe...

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Mind Your Mind

There are 3 aspects that come together and when they align, you become a powerful creator.

It’s about Aligning Your Mind, Aligning Your Focus, and Aligning Your Energy. 

Today, we’re going to dive deeper into Align Your Mind and specifically into what it means to Mind Your Mind.

We experience life by taking in millions of bits of information, our mind filters through it, and creates tons of mental images. 

It stores all your memories, emotions, past decisions, beliefs and can bring them up for you to use at any time.

Your mind is a linking machine and will link past experiences and emotions - whether they are good or bad. 

When you can learn how to harness that and tap into it, you can be a really powerful creator of your mental images, beliefs, and emotions!

Did you know the world you experience is a reflection of your inner thoughts, feelings, values, beliefs, memories, and experiences?

In other words, the world as you experience it is merely a...

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Honor Your Energy

There are 3 aspects that come together and when they align, you become a powerful creator.
It’s about Aligning Your Mind, Aligning Your Focus, and Aligning Your Energy. 
This is a part of the Powerful Creator Series.
Today, we’re going to dive deeper into Align Your Energy and specifically into what it means to Honor Your Energy.
Traditional leadership and coaching is really missing the mark when it comes to helping women entrepreneurs and professionals...
Here’s why. 
The coaching and leadership development industry are either: 
1.Hyper masculine- just wake up at 4am every day! Work harder! More hours! If you aren't succeeding, get up earlier, get a sitter, skip your kids soccer game, work till you're successful and you can sleep later!
 2. Hyper feminine- just lay back and receive. Meditate more. Allow. Pleasure. Bubble baths and champagne. If you're in alignment, it'll just manifest! No hustle, no hard work, it'll just appear in...
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Fix Your Focus

Today, we are going to work on fixing your focus! 

This is a part of the Path to a Powerful Creator Series. Specifically, related to the aligning your focus section. 

We often feel like we are focused - even obsessed about what we want.

We think about our goals all the time.

From the time we wake up, until our heads hit the pillow again. 

We are “goal oriented” & driven for success!

But 9 times out of 10, what’s really happening is that we’re thinking about what we don’t want.

We are thinking about what ifs.  

Like, what if I don’t hit that goal or what could go wrong if…

What if it’s like that time in the past, could it be that way again in the future? 

Most of us tend to not focus on what we actually desire. 

We actually end up splitting our energy, attention, and actions away from what we desire most. 

Believe me, it’s unintentional!

But, it keeps you stuck. 

It’s like...

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Release Your Resistance

Make sure you have read the Path to a Powerful Creator Series before reading much further...

if not, this will be as clear as mud

Today, we’re going to dive deeper into Align Your Mind and specifically into what it means to Release Your Resistance.

Understand that societal conditioning, structures, and life experiences create deep- seated limiting beliefs. 

Just keep in mind - these limiting beliefs, doubts, and fears aren't personal. 

There is nothing wrong with you!

The first step to aligning your mind is creating awareness about the (systemic) beliefs, emotions, and stories that keep you stuck.

Then you need to utilize a process to release those limiting beliefs, emotions, and stories. 

We like to use our signature "Realign Process."

But, that will be for another day ;)

Remember when I said to get out your colored pencils a few days ago?

Keep in mind. We are focusing on releasing your resistance. 

You would do a similar process for minding your mind...

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The Path to a Powerful Creator Series

Are you ready to focus on your personal growth? 

Start HERE to watch the training on the Path to Become a Powerful Creator. 

This powerful series is designed to help you truly create a life & business that you love with complete clarity and confidence!

Whenever people talk about “mindset” and “personal development,” it can feel very big picture & nebulous - where do I begin?

We are here to show you exactly where you can get started to make those shifts for yourself because we’re not all in the same place and we’re not facing the same challenges. 

If we haven’t met, my name is Kristine Kolzing and I am the CEO & Founder of Align + Design Your Life. With my co-coaches Keeley & Karen, we have created a truly remarkable one-of-a-kind program to help you align your vision, strengths, and beliefs to design a profitable business that works for you. 

We want you to feel proud of yourself, proud of your business,...

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