An ancient spiritual tool combined with modern psychology to help you uncover a deep, rich understanding of yourself with a custom path for radical, transformational change in all aspects of your life.

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It's the solitary work you can't do alone...


We use the Enneagram as the basis for our coaching - for entrepreneurs, executives, teams, and individuals. Understanding yourself through the Enneagram is deeply personal inner work. Knowing why you do what you do makes personal growth more powerful, more transformative, and with the Enneagram, you'll have a clear, customized growth path to move forward in all areas of your life.

But it's not easy to do this work on your own. You develop your personality type at such a young age that you often can't see the forest through the trees. Unconsciously you create patterns and habits that become automatic and hold beliefs that guide your life without your awareness. 

Through the Enneagram, you can finally start to see these patterns, beliefs, and habits for the first time. It's transformative and amazing and will radically change your life for the better, but it's not always easy to take those first steps, especially not alone.

Having a trained, certified Enneagram teacher and coach to guide you along your path can make the sometimes difficult work of personal growth easier, faster, and more complete. 

For over a decade, Karen has studied and worked with the Enneagram through individual and group coaching, Enneagram teacher trainings, and is certified through the International Enneagram Association in the Enneagram Spectrum Method and as an Enneagram coach through The Enneagram in Business coaching program. She personally uses the Enneagram in her own life and she brings a warmth, empathy, and understanding to her clients.

Karen is available for individual typing sessions which is the very best way to know and understand your type and your subtype without the common pitfalls of online testing. She's also available for individual Enneagram based coaching, group coaching, team building workshops, executive coaching, group discussions, and more. Click the link below to talk to Karen and see what options are best for you. 

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With a personal typing session, you'll know your type and subtype and be on your way to greater self discovery. 

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Through one to one coaching or team coaching, you can develop any area of your life with the lens of the Enneagram to help guide you. Group, team, and individual coaching options are available.

Find Your Path

Using the Enneagram as a guide, you can reclaim what you need and feel confident moving forward on a path that's customized for you. 

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Meet Karen

As a certified Enneagram Teacher and Coach, I specialize in helping individuals and teams understand the hidden motivations behind WHY they do what they do so they can consciously create a life with a deep understanding of themselves and others making their world and ours more compassionate, empathetic, and connected. 

I believe the Enneagram is the perfect tool for anyone seeking personal or professional growth because it offers a clearly defined path for each person’s individual journey. As a Certified Enneagram Teacher through the International Enneagram Association, I’ve personally worked with the Enneagram for over a decade and have coached 100s of clients over the past 5 years in mindset, habits, the Enneagram and more. 

I do this work because I want to show you the key to understanding yourself so you can experience the radical, positive transformations I’ve experienced not only for yourself but for your relationships, your family, your work, and your life.

Erin Chaves

"The enneagram typing and coaching really cleared up some things about myself and helped direct me to what I needed to concentrate on to grow. Incredible coaching, Karen!"

Carla Rosser

"You're an incredible coach! I highly recommend learning more about yourself through Enneagram insight."

Tiffany Gingrich

"You are so good at what you do! I loved learning more about the Enneagram from you!"

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