What we do

We help executives and teams to understand themselves and each other, develop stronger leadership, better communication, and a more cohesive team.    

We show you how to tune into your individual strengths, understand your motivations, create better communication, and resolve conflict to create an aligned team that's moving towards a unified goal.


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What you get

Our Enneagram based coaching gives you greater insight and understanding of yourself and others, helps facilitate clearer communication, enables conflict resolution and helps you grow as a leader while creating an aligned team.

For teams, we offer half day and full day workshops and individual coaching sessions afterward.

For executives, managers, and individuals, we offer coaching sessions based on your needs and time frame. 

All sessions can be conducted in person or online and our coaching packages are custom designed to fit your needs.

Karen Aerts Harmon

COO at Align + Design Your Life

As a certified Enneagram Teacher and Coach, Karen specialize in helping individuals and teams understand the hidden motivations behind WHY they do what they do so they can consciously create a life with a deep understanding of themselves and others in truly transformative ways. She believes the Enneagram is the perfect tool for anyone seeking personal or professional growth because it offers a clearly defined path for each person’s individual journey.

Her mission is to help leaders, executives, individuals and teams understand themselves and each other better, facilitate clear communication, resolve conflicts, and make all aspects of your life - both at work and at home - richer, better, and more fulfilling. 

Kristine Kolzing

CEO and Founder at Align + Design Your Life 

Kristine is a transformational mindset expert, business coach, and Enneagram teacher who guides entrepreneurs, executives, and teams to align with their strengths and design their work and life in a revolutionary way. Her mission is to help you align your vision, strengths, and beliefs, and show you how to work smarter, not harder, let go of the mindset blocks that keep you stuck, create clarity about what you truly want, and plan your path to success while honoring your energy. 

Kristine specializes in working with entrepreneurs, executives and individuals to see what obstacles are standing in their way and how to overcome the limiting beliefs, stuck emotions, and old stories that keep them from standing in their power and creating their ideal work and life.


How to get started

Connect with us to discuss your needs and see what coaching packages are right for you. 

Email us at [email protected] and one of our specialists will connect with you. 

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