Enneagram based coaching for entrepreneurs, executives, and teams

Align + Design Your Life is a women-run company specializing in coaching, mindset, the Enneagram, and community building.

Our Mission

We are on a mission to help entrepreneurs, executives, and teams develop self awareness so they can break free from old patterns and become impactful business owners and leaders.

Our Why


When people are leveraging their strengths, they're able to overcome obstacles and trust themselves and others to make the right decisions to grow and scale their businesses with clarity and confidence.

They mindfully choose what they want for their life, work, and relationships, becoming powerful forces who create impact for their communities.


Meet Kristine

Kristine is the Mindset Coach to women+ entrepreneurs & professionals who are aligning with their power and designing their work and life in a revolutionary way.

Her mission is to connect you with your intuition, showing you how to work smarter, not harder, so you can let go of the mindset blocks that keep you stuck in the hustle, create clarity about what you truly want, and plan your path to success while honoring your energy.

As the founder of Align + Design Your Life, Kristine specializes in seeing what obstacles are standing in your way and how to overcome the limiting beliefs, stuck emotions, and old stories keep women from standing in their power and choosing what they want for their work and life.

She's the transformational Mindset Coach that women turn to when they’re done hitting the wall and are ready to break through it. 

Kristine can show you how to trust yourself, honor your energy, and create success on your own terms - intuitively, authentically, and powerfully.


Karen Aerts Harmon  (she, her)

Karen specializes in using the Enneagram to help individuals and teams understand the hidden motivations behind WHY they do what they do so they can consciously create a life with a deeper understanding of themselves and others, making their world and ours more compassionate, empathetic, and connected.


Keeley Winfield  (she, her)

Keeley has a mission to build open, authentic connection and belonging within community. She's an expert mindset coach who specializes in grief, play, and getting to the root of what holds us back from being our favorite version of ourselves... and shows you the way to become your favorite self.

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