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Align + Design Your Life is here because I saw too many amazing, ambitious women like you struggling to create the business, money, success, health, and relationships they wanted.

Personal development gurus will tell you that what you need to do is change your beliefs, heal your past, and understand WHY you aren't getting what you want in life. 

But that just keeps you stuck.

If you're tired of feeling stuck, trying to figure out why other people have what you want, and feeling like there's something wrong with you...

then you've come to right place.

Your success is about changing your focus, not about changing you!

Hi, I'm Kristine and I'm so happy you are here!

When I was a little girl, I believed that my life was going to be about helping others. I thought I would be pastor, or a teacher, or a missionary. I daydreamed of traveling the world, helping kids less fortunate than me to live a better life.

So image how shocking it was for me to find myself at 29 at the lowest point of my life - broke, alone, drunk, and hopeless. I remember laying on the bathroom floor of my apartment, looking up at the ceiling and saying “please help me”

A few days later I walked into my first 12 step meeting. I was shaking, scared, and desperate. I kept thinking about the life I was supposed to be living, and it didn’t look like this. I got to work on myself and I committed to getting sober.

I was raised by great parents, did well in school, and I was smart, so kept wondering - how did I end up here? It seemed like everyone else figured life out - they went to school, got jobs, got married, and had their act together.

I thought something was wrong with me.

If I could figure out what that was, then I could live the life I meant to live - a life that was happy, joyful, and helping others.

I spent countless hours journaling, meditating, reading, praying, trying to understand how life worked. I excavated every moment of my past. Trying to understand why I was the way I was, why I thought the way I thought, why I believed what I believed.

I opened a Pilates studio and an online health and wellness business. I had some success but it didn’t come easily. I often worked 7 days a week and felt like I was always working hard.


I knew there had to be a better way because I saw people achieve great success with much less effort. They seemed to be enjoying life and I wanted that too.

So I kept searching. I wanted to unlock the secret. I got certifications in hypnotherapy, Reiki, and NLP.

I started to feel some progress, but not at the level and pace that I wanted. I was tired of feeling stuck.

One day, I was listening to Abraham Hicks on YouTube and I heard this guy say in an ad “your success isn’t personal, it’s structural”.

If you aren’t where you want to be it’s not because there’s anything wrong with you, it’s because you’re operating from a focus that isn’t working. You’re spending all your time trying to fix yourself instead of just going for what you want.

It hit me like a cosmic 2 x 4.

What if there wasn’t anything wrong with me? What if I didn’t need to understand why? What if I just choose to let it go and focus on creating what I truly wanted?

I was a completely new way of looking at life. It was such a relief.

I could finally stop digging up my past, analyzing it, trying to make sense of it, doing all the things everyone else was doing and wondering why it wasn’t working for me.

I could just choose what I wanted to focus on and start going for it. I was simple, yet it made a huge difference.

Immediately, my life changed.

I felt more positive, happy, and present in the moment. I stopped fixing the past and worrying about the future. I started to understand that I was creating my life, that I could choose what I wanted my life to look like, and I could make it happen.

I knew what I wanted.

I wanted to fulfill the dreams I had as a little girl. I wanted to help people to live a better life, to be happy, to love themselves.

I want you to know there’s nothing wrong with you. You can create a life you love.

And that’s what Align + Design Your Life is all about.

It's time to start creating a life you love

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You deserve it. You're worth it. 


CEO, Align + Design Your Life
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Our vision is for women to experience deep and lasting transformation, bringing them into their most powerful selves, and embracing an abundant mindset sot they can thrive without limits and design their ultimate life and business while creating massive change in the world through their work.

Our mission is to support women so they can expand the impact they are making for their clients and communities, creating a ripple effect of better physical, emotional, and mental well being in our world. Ideally, we guide them to a place where they love themselves and the life they have created.