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Enne-a-what? The Enneagram 🙌

enneagram series Jan 06, 2022


Do you keep getting stuck in self sabotaging patterns, overthinking, procrastination, or doing way too much and feeling overwhelmed?

You're coming up against the same issues over and over again because you haven’t figured out a way to get out of your old patterns.

Creating personal change isn’t a one size fits all, so what works for one person with mindset or therapy, might not work for you.

The Enneagram is both a spiritual and psychological tool that shows you your unique and personal path for ending self sabotage, overthinking , procrastination, overwhelm - whatever pattern you always find yourself stuck in.

This is the way out. It's an ancient spiritual tool combined with modern psychology that brings you back to your essence - who you are - and out of old patterned ways of thinking, behaving, and feeling that keep you stuck.

In Align + Design Your Life, we use a framework for becoming your most powerful self.

There are 3 aspects that come together and...

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The Enneagram for Personal Growth

enneagram series Dec 20, 2021

I’m so excited to start our blog series on the Enneagram (I’m literally jumping for joy!)

Today, we are discussing the Enneagram & how this tool can be used to catapult your personal development. 

Coach Karen (my twin sister) knew she needed to do something different. 

She just felt like she was always getting “stuck” in the same spot over & over again

After discovering the Enneagram, it was the 1st time she was able to understand why she was getting stuck & what she needed to do to break through her self-sabotaging behaviors.

For instance, she was so afraid to quit her job, but she knew it was EXACTLY what she wanted to do. 

Where was that fear coming from? 

And how could she work through it? 

Cue the Enneagram. 

When Karen learned about her Enneagram Type, it was like someone had written a book on her life story... 

Prior to gaining this awareness, Karen had this internal belief of an unsafe...

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